Halcyon at Futurewave

poster halcyon suit

Halcyon is a body suit for the more daring adventurer, the glowing circuitry covering the body skin tight — perhaps even a part of the body — the additional black latex strips enhancing the feminine shape in a teasing manner. The cleavage can be used to prove that you are a human under all that tech, or perhaps to show off that you are nothing but, that your central core system beats in digital and the human concerns are none of your business. The choice is yours.

The suit consists of garment layers so it fits and enhances all the shapes out there. Gloves and stockings are included to make sure you are fully covered. It comes in twenty different colours as well as a fatpack for those who cannot decide and simply want them all.

In addition to the garment layers there is also a HUD of All the Things. This means appliers for lola tangos, phat azz and Slink hands, feet and nails for both of those. This means that you can wear your Slink hands and have them look like the suit’s gloves, forever forgetting the misshapen default hands! Same goes for the other body parts of your choice. Obviously none of the actual body parts are included, just the HUD to cover them in shiny circuitry.

Permissions are M,C,NT. L350 per colour, twenty colours available. Fatpack L3500. Please try the demo.

Now that Futurewave is over, you can find Halcyon both in the main store and on the Marketplace.

Teleport to GALLACTIC | Purchase from the Marketplace

If you want to share pictures of your shiny self in GALLACTIC’s outfits, please post them here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/gallactic/


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