Space Gear at Futurewave

poster jetpack

What is a space adventurer without a jetpack? Or a pair of ray guns and a proper bubble helmet? A dead space adventurer, that’s what! The very least a very style-wise lacking one. Don’t let this disaster — fashion or otherwise — happen to you, get your gear from Futurewave already today!

All of this gear of utmost necessity is available in the twenty GALLACTIC colours to match the outfits of your choice. They’re unrigged mesh for easy adjustment and also modifiable, so if you want to add extra scripts of flames or laser beams, you’re welcome to do so.

Permissions are M,C,NT. Ray gun L150 per colour, L1500 for fatpack. Bubble helmet L150 per colour, L1500 for fatpack. Jetpack L200 per colour, L2000 for fatpack.

Now that Futurewave is over, you can purchase all of these both from the main store and the Marketplace.

Teleport to GALLACTIC | Purchase from the Marketplace: Ray Guns | Bubble Helmets | Jetpacks

If you want to share pictures of your shiny self in GALLACTIC’s outfits, please post them here:

poster bubble helmets

poster ray guns


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