poster callisto 1

Callisto journeys across your collarbones in a gentle wave, bringing forth the gemstone like a star, a universal symbol of unity. The relaxed wrap around your neck and shoulder gives it a luxurious feel, almost like a stole of metal and precious stones. It can be worn as the latest futuristic fashion, as a sign of rank, perhaps even as a really fancy bio-monitor or communicator, the choice is yours!

The necklace comes with a colour change HUD that has twenty options for the gem and two for the metals (silver and gold), so you’re actually getting a whole pack of necklaces at the price of one!

Please note that the colour-change script in the necklace makes it appear no-modify in inventory, but it is actually perfectly modifiable. You can resize and reposition it as you wish. You can also tint parts of it if you wish to give it an additional boost in colour. The necklaces in the posters have both been tinted slightly. They can also be adjusted and worn by men, making it essentially a unisex item.

Originally released at Futurewave 2015, now available in the main store and the Marketplace. The event exclusive version is not available anymore.

Permissions are C/M/NT. L295.

Teleport to GALLACTIC | Purchase from the Marketplace

poster callisto SE


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