Enyo and Symbiosis at World Goth Fair

poster symbiosis suit

GALLACTIC invades World Goth Fair with two new looks fitting both the futuristic adventurers and cyber goths. Symbiosis is a stunning showcase of its name, the seemingly alive and alien materials wrapping around the body, covering you slowly but inevitably. To balance the organic flair we also bring a more cyber-tech suit to the fair: Enyo is the traditional circuitry suit covered in shiny synthetic materials, leaving just glowing glimpses of the underneath visible. There’s also a collar available for Enyo with glowing insets and buckle details, colour options coordinating with the suits.

Both suits consist of garment layers and come with Slink hand tattoo and stocking appliers, as well as Phat Azz and Lolas appliers.

The collar is unrigged mesh and therefore resizeable. All of the collars benefit Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

There’s twelve colours available of each item. All items also offer a fatpack option and a demo: please try the demos before purchasing.

Permissions are M/C/NT.

Prices per colour: Symbiosis Suit  L395, Enyo Suits L395, Enyo Collars L99.

Visit GALLACTIC at World Goth Fair – Port Seraphine

poster enyo collarposter enyo suit


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